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Welcome to the life and truth of Emma Marie

An aspiring singer/songwriting from Birmingham, Emma Marie is truly the epitome of soulful grit. She fuses her various life lessons together to write songs that stand to inspire and encourage the generation of today, as she writes so candidly about the pitfalls of love and her own self discovery. Emma’s brilliant lyricism is embedded in a voice that is so rich and truthful that it is safe to say Emma Marie delivers music that is far beyond her years. Often compared to singer’s such as Jennifer Hudson and India Arie, her gospel roots are undeniable and they certainly add a depth to her performances that are simply breathtaking.

Growing up in a closely knit family in inner city Birmingham, Emma has fond memories of annoying her older cousins with endless renditions of love and gospel songs. As the granddaughter of a choir director, her love for music and song was deeply established from a very early age, and it has never left her.

Despite gracing many stages across the UK, Emma never had the vision to take her voice and song writing to the next level, until now. In July 2012, after many years of heartbreak and bereavement, she had an epiphany that changed her life. After getting a new job, a job she thought would push her career in the right direction, she felt like she had failed somehow and wasn’t living to her fullest potential. All of a sudden the penny dropped that her calling in life could only be found in her voice, even a well paid job couldn’t fill the space that music was made for. Emma finally realised that she was born to sing.

After an incredible response to her original song ‘Temperamental’, a song inspired by her experience of what she thought was ‘love’ and the pain that often accompanied it. It became undoubtedly clear that all Emma’s life experiences and obstacles were stepping stones on the journey to her musical future.

Being a fan of artists from a diverse range of genres, Emma draws upon many influences to create songs that speak to people from all walks of life. Emma’s candid writing style and unmistakably smooth and powerful vocal delivery truly allow her to connect with audiences both musically and emotionally through shared experiences.

Having recently released her debut EP 'The Life and Truth of Me', Emma has continued to progress and further her musical reach. Between receiving national radio play for 'The Light' and 'Life and Truth' as well supporting renowned soul artists such as Eric Roberson and Bilal, she is setting the example as to what an independent artist can achieve with a little will power and a few good songs. 

You are welcome to join Emma on her journey; the highs, the lows and all the grey stuff in between.

Welcome to the life and truth of Emma Marie.